Torrent Video Player 1.0.1 for Windows 10


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Torrent Video Player is a free and easy to use media player. It offers the ability to play videos stored on the hard drive, and video files - currently downloading with BitTorrent. With it, you can watch the movie, which is in this still taken from the web! Torrent Video Player has a rich functionality, support for Polish language, the ability to play audio and video streams from the internet (just specify the URL of the video), as well as movies that are on CD / DVD and Blu-ray. In addition, it allows you to capture from external devices like TV or remote desktop. Of particular note is the built-in converter, with which to process your videos to other media formats. Also supports external subtitles, and also has a number of configuration options to set video parameters (codec, aspect ratio, sound quality, etc.). Torrent Video Player can also play streamed video, and add various effects and filters to video (graphic equalizer, compressor, Spatializer). It is also worth mentioning the possibility of framing the image, set the aspect ratio, select any audio track (included in the film), de-interlacing and creating screenshots from the video playback. In his resources to find the tools to read important information about the codec and video.